3 Benefits of Performing Pre-Employment Screenings

Does your business conduct pre-employment screenings or background checks on candidates? If not, you could be missing an opportunity to improve your hiring process and avoid costly hiring mistakes for your company.

Improve Candidate Quality

international background screening

If your company conducts screenings, applicants will likely be willing to go through the screening process if they are qualified for the position and can meet requirements and expectations. Those that know they wouldn’t pass a screening will be less likely to apply, which automatically improves the quality of candidates applying for the position your company has available.

Decrease Negligent Hires

Another benefit of international background screening is the reduction of negligent hiring, which can make you or your company responsible for the actions of an employee. While it may not seem like a big deal to skip checking an employee’s background, but this has often led to companies being liable when the employee does something illicit, illegal, or inappropriate. Incidents that occur could lead to lawsuits and further damages to the company’s reputation.

Reduce Abuse of Drugs/Alcohol

Substance abuse can cause many problems for companies working with individuals partaking in use of certain substances. In some cases, working while under the influence of any illicit substance can dramatically increase the risk of injuries and accidents. For this reason, employers should conduct screenings in order to avoid problems in the future such as tardiness, attitude problems, low productivity, violence, absenteeism, crime, and more.

If you want to make sure that you hire the right individuals for the job each and every time, you’ll need to conduct a background check of each qualified candidate before making any hiring decisions. Once a pre-employment screening has confirmed that they are a good fit for the position, you can proceed with the hiring process with confidence.

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