How to Safely Extract a Damaged Tooth

One of the best things that you can do when you have a damaged tooth is to give your dentist a call. It is the only way that you can truly keep your teeth safe – not only the tooth that is damaged but your other teeth as well. Most people do not realize if you have an infected tooth, your danger is not just that you would lose the tooth, but that your other teeth will get infected too.

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All you need to do is call your dentist for an appointment or emergency tooth extraction newport news. That is what needs to happen. When you schedule the appointment, you have to ensure you inform the office that it is an emergency. That will ensure they book your appointment within the next day, as it would otherwise take you days or weeks to get in to see your dentist.

During the emergency appointment, you must be clear about what you are experiencing. Do not play down the pain, but do not exaggerate it either. Only with honesty can you give your dentist the whole picture. They will also do some other checks and possibly x-rays to get a clear picture of what is happening with your tooth.

Only when your dentist has a clear idea about the extent of the problem will they be able to recommend a solution. Sometimes your dentist will say that getting rid of the tooth through an extraction is the way to go. They will get the tooth out safely, and then you can get an implant in its place.

If you get to your dentist early enough, you will be in a position where you can get treatment. Perhaps antibiotics, ice for any swelling and other measures will be enough to get rid of the infection. It may not work, but it is worth trying.

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