Is Prep School an Option to Consider For an Athletic Scholarship?

It is no joke that some students in high school take their sporting activities seriously. They grow passionate about their favorite game, and take pride in their schools when they are on the court or on the field. This is especially true for students who actively engage in playing high school basketball. They are resilient and have a real will to win.

This passion can continue after graduation day and walking across the stage to get their diplomas, too. In fact, it is often the dream of many high school athletes to go on and play for a college team or even professionally in the future. Many high schoolers on the verge of graduation even aim to net a scholarship from the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) so they can have their tuition at college paid for and continue chasing their dream of playing for their college team.

For students who may not net a scholarship while they’re in high school, they still have options to qualify for NCAA eligibility. There are a few important things to think about, though.

How Prep School Could Help Student Athletes

One important thing to keep in mind for student athletes who want to keep playing competitive sports and get an opportunity to score an athletic scholarship is the eligibility rules. If a student doesn’t plan on going straight into college after high school, they still need to remember that the NCAA has a one-year grace period to continue playing competitive sports after graduating high school.

This means they should consider a prep school or junior college, and play for the team while they are there. This will do two things for student athletes:

·    Prepare them for four-year college while also giving them time to get even better at their sport.

basketball prep schools

·    Show potential NCAA coaches that they are taking even more time to hone their craft.

If you are a high school graduate who doesn’t plan on going to college right away, but would still like to keep up your eligibility for an NCAA athletic scholarship, you should think about basketball prep schools. It could be a great way to help earn your spot on your college dream team.


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